The threat of new hacking from Wi-Fi. Quickly update device.

There is a new threat from hackers through WiFi that has affected almost all WiFi networks and devices. This is brought out by a website called Ars Technica which publishes stories related to science and technology. Arz Technician’s recipients have found a special safety deficit in WiFi’s WPA2 wireless security standard. The lack of which cyber attackers can block our personal data, as well as malware in which the user has gone to the website. It is likely that cyber attacker can also get information about our encrypted data such as user names, passwords and credit card information. But thankfully for this potential threat, the companies have already made security updates. You just need to update your device with a little effort from your side.

This new attack by WiFi is also known as “that installation installation attack or crack (KRACK)”. The attacker uses the encryption key used by a trick to decrypt it by decrypting the encrypted data used. This type of attack has many types and by this almost all types of operating systems have been effected by the Shodhakaris.

So how to be safe with this attack now? The most important way is to update all of your WiFi devices. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has prepared a list of manufacturers who have been notified about this security deficit, as well. Along with whether they have provided information related to updated devices. Check to make sure that your wireless router manufacturer is in the list, and update your router after following their instructions. You will find this list if you click this link in Stay away from the public free WiFi service. You can also use PN and do not use WPA2 encryption for WPA encryption. Please feel free to comment on how you felt this post.

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