What are the Smartphone sensor and How they work

Smartphone sensorr,Accelerometer, GPS,Fingerprint Sensors

The smartphone has made our life much easier. Since coming to the smartphone, we can handle our essential work from anywhere. Of course, smartphones are capable of doing things that were previously possible only on computers. Today, more than 70 percent of Android phones use Android phones in India. Apps in our phones need more telemetry data to work properly. To make your smartphone work easily, mobile manufacturers have to add many sensors to the smartphone. So let us know which sensor is present in the smartphone.


First of all talk about accelerometer sensor in the phone. Accelerometer sensor in the phone detects which direction your phone is folded. At the same time, this sensor is very helpful in watching videos in your phone, whenever you cringe your phone, you will also rotate the phone’s display.

The second sensor in the phone is the magnetometer. This sensor is included in the existing all new phones. You can know through your phone that in which direction east or in which direction is west. This sensor helps you know your direction according to Google Map.


The gyroscope sensor also works just like the accelerometer. The accelerometer sensor only rotates the display of your phone, but the gyroscope sensor tells you which side your body is tilting towards. That is, this sensor tells the movement of your body. This sensor is used to play the most games.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

With the help of this sensor, your smartphone can know your position. Without this sensor, your hose or oars will not know your current location. Because of this sensor, your smartphone also gives you weather information.

Fingerprint Sensors

The fingerprint sensor is being included in all phones nowadays. This sensor was first used in the handset only but now the fingerprint sensor is being made available in the budget phone too. With the help of fingerprint sensor, you can keep your phone safe. With fingerprint sensor, you can lock and unlock your phone.

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